Aprea Family Portraits | Rockwall Photographer

I just adore the Aprea Family. I worked with Nikki for 6 years, and loved every minute of it. She’s such a great encourager and hard worker. We’ve also become good friends outside of work through our love for food. Several years ago, we had a little dinner group going called Club Fed. We’d get together every month and cook around a theme (e.g. pumpkin, greek, green, etc.). That group no longer meets, so Nikki & I have shifted our focus to yummy places to eat. Naturally, part of the reason we did their session in Deep Ellum, TX was because I had a yummy restaurant that I wanted her to try! Years ago, I photographed her dogs in her home (Scooter & Snickers), and was thrilled that she wanted me to photograph the rest of her family.




We also took her daughter’s senior pictures during this session, which you can see blogged here. And I’ve had the pleasure of photographing her daughter’s engagement since then (blogged here). They are such a sweet family, and totally willing to do anything I asked. Thanks for being such great friends & letting me a part of some special moments in your lives!


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