Camden & Asbury | Rockwall Pet Photographer

If you’ve ever met an English Bull Terrier in person you’ve probably noticed that they don’t exactly look like your typical dog. They’re famous for their egg-shaped head, that makes children and adults alike giggle and wonder how they got dogs to look like that. If you’re lucky enough to get to spend some time with one, you’ll get to experience their head-strong stubbornness (after all, they are from the terrier group) and if you hang around even longer, you’ll get a glimpse of  their clown-like personalities.

You can imagine how much fun it is to get to do a photoshoot with 2 of them! I’ve known these 2 since they were pups, and can’t help but love them! Camden is the white one, and the older brother. He’s very much a fun loving, clown of a guy. Asbury is the fiery red-head (you can see some of her puppy portraits here). She’s a champion show dog, and absolute diva!

We took these 2 down to one of my favorite locations for a photo shoot – Deep Ellum, TX. The bright colors and unique business facades make excellent backdrops for pet portraits. And of course, there are lots of yummy places to get lunch afterwards!

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Be sure to check out my dog gallery to see some additional images of these lovable bullies!

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