Arkansas Getaway | Rockwall Photographer


My husband’s family has a tradition of an annual family vacation. His dad, aunts and uncles take turns picking the location each year. They’ve chosen places like Gulf Shores, AL and Gatlinburg, TN. This year they choose a little town tucked away in the Ozark Mountains called Norfork, Arkansas. We really enjoyed getting away from the city, unplugging from technology and just enjoying each other’s company. There were some organized activities, like fly fishing lessons, but most of the time, we enjoyed flipping through old photos and sharing memories. And of course, I had to find some time to capture some images of the landscape. It was so lush and green! The first image is from the bank of the river where we tried our hand at fly fishing. I didn’t catch anything, but still enjoyed the COLD water, the beautiful scenery, and watching others downstream catch and release trout. In the afternoon they would release the water from a dam upstream and the tranquil waters would become a dangerous, raging river. It was really incredible to see how quickly the river would rise and how swift the current would become in a matter of minutes. We also visited the Wolf House, which you will see pictured below. It is supposedly the oldest house in the state of Arkansas. I love exploring historic structures and imagining what life was like for the people that lived in them!ArkBlog1



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