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I recently had the opportunity to visit beautiful Seattle with my husband. This was my second time in Seattle, but my first time experiencing summer there. We spent a lot of time just soaking up the cooler temps and the beautiful scenery. These images are from our hike in Mount Rainier National Park. It was mostly overcast the day that we were there, and the fog would roll in and out, changing visibility from clear to poor in a matter of minutes. It was so lovely.



We even spotted some local wildlife, and they were not camera shy at all. These little Marmots are supposedly quite rugged mountaineers.






The Seattle skyline image was taken from Kerry Park. You can just see Mount Rainier in the distance. I had to compete with about 30 teenagers in prom attire to get this shot. Can you imagine having this as a backdrop for your prom photos?

We hopped on the Clipper and visited Victoria for one night. It was my first time in Canada, and I am longing to go back. The people truly are so friendly, and the fish n chips are superb! I didn’t take many pictures in Victoria, I was so busy soaking up everything around me.


We toured the beautiful Butchart Gardens, enjoyed a pint at the local pub and wandered around the beautiful city. The images below are of the famous Empress Hotel and the British Columbia Parliament Buildings.




We also made a point to visit my beloved Whidbey Island. When I visited Seattle a few years ago we drove up to Deception Pass via Whidbey Island and I absolutely fell in love. So, I decided that anytime we visit Seattle, I must go back. We visited a farm and had Loganberry Pie (to die for!), and visited a couple of wineries on island. We also paid a visit to Coupeville, which is an adorable seaside town on the island. This image was taken there, with Mount Baker in the distance.



Now that I’m back in Texas, I am longing for the next trip to the beautiful Northwest. There is so much that I haven’t seen yet, and so much that I want to see again!

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