Mr Henry | Puppy Sessions | Pet Photographer

I think its pretty obvious, I just love puppies. Period. (Um, who doesn’t?)

I especially love  working with puppies like Mr Henry. He was the sweetest English Bull Dog puppy I have ever snuggled. And those wrinkles!!

Don’t you just want to kiss his sweet little face?

Puppies, like babies, grow up. Too fast.

English Bulldog Puppy Session

You bring them (in your arms!) into your home, with their soft, pink puppy feet, and their sweet puppy breath.



And your heart is overflowing with how cute they are when they sleep, and when they eat, and when they play.


And before you know it, they’ve well outgrown your lap (even though this still want to sit there), and that puppy breath? Well, that is a distant memory.


But somehow, you love them more than the day you brought them home.


Capture that sweet puppy face before they grow up and cherish the memories for a lifetime! Book a session today at info(at)

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