Tips From a Pro – Taking Photos of Your Pets

Are you interested in taking better photos of your pets at home? Here are some simple tips for taking better pet photos, no matter what kind of camera you’re using.

Huntsville Pet Photographer

Huntsville Pet Photographer1. Change your angle – you can get some cute photos looking down on your pet(like the one above), which is probably the way you normally see your pet, but getting down on their level leads to capturing more interesting and more natural images. Kneel or lay down on the ground to get to eye level with your pet. For an even more interesting view, put them up higher than you (safely of course!).






Huntsville Pet Photographer2. Reward them – nobody likes to work for free, so be sure to use whatever your pet loves to reward them for posing for your camera. Whether it’s a treat or their favorite toy, it can help you catch their attention long enough to take a photo. Then reward them for being such a great model!






Huntsville Pet Photographer3. Use natural light – Your camera sees light a little differently than you do, so you may think a room has plenty of light for you to see your pet, but the photos are coming out dark. You would think that little flash on your camera would help brighten things up, but unfortunately it does so in the most unflattering way! If you can shoot outside, do so in the early morning or late evening for the most flattering lighting. If you’re shooting indoors, move close to a large window and shoot in the middle of the day.


These tips are easy to do at home, no matter what camera you use. Take lots of pictures of your furbabies and keep it fun! Let me know if these are helpful, and if you’d like to see more!



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