Frolic Images Turns 4! | Huntsville Pet Photographer

Embrace the journeyBirthdays are one of those times when you stop and take a look back over the past year (or even back to where it all started), and reminisce about where you’ve been. I thought I’d bring you all along with me as I reminisce. The journey started well before I walked into the courthouse and filed the paperwork to make Frolic Images an official business.

Being an entrepreneur has been quite the journey. I’ve been chatting with a few photographer friends over the last week about the journey, and how unpredictable and funny it is. We laughed at how we started in fields that don’t seem to relate to our creative endeavors now.

I have a Bachelors Degree in Biology, because I was pursuing a career in the medical field. During my senior year, I realized that I really didn’t want to go to school anymore. I started working at a veterinary clinic where I could combine my fascination with medicine with my love of animals. As I developed relationships with pet parents and walked alongside families that were saying goodbye to their beloved pets, I realized there was a great need for quality photographs of these pets. Most families had blurry photos, or none at all, of their companions, and were left with nothing to hold on to during the grieving process. And so I started taking photos of senior pets and terminally ill pets, so that their families would have a reminder of their loved one when the memories begin to fade.

I experienced the importance of these photographs when we lost our sweet Hazel this spring, and was reminded of just how important these Embrace Sessions are, and how having these images can help you through the grieving process. While my Embrace Sessions are the heart of what I do, I’ve enjoyed getting to do Signature Sessions over the years and getting to work with so many wonderful pets and their parents! Whether I’m helping a family update artwork in their home, or capturing images for their Christmas card, I absolutely love getting to work with people that are crazy about their pets.

This past year has been a wild ride and full of change! We moved to Huntsville, Alabama and I quickly learned to navigate a new city and state. I am weaning myself off of my GPS and have learned a lot about business structure and state legislature (more than I ever wanted to know). I also added Limited Edition Sessions to my line up. These are fast and fun and a portion of the session fee from these sessions gets donated to local pet rescue. Speaking of pet rescues, I’ve partnered with A New Leash On Life and the Huntsville Animal Shelter to capture photos of their adoptable pets. Its such a rewarding experience to help homeless pets get adopted and I have met some awesome people that volunteer with these groups!

Going forward, I have some great plans in the works for more Limited Edition Sessions. I also plan to visit Dallas regularly (our family is still there) and will set up sessions there as my calendar allows. I’m also working on getting some images published on a well known pet related blog and am working on a calendar!

It amazes me to look back over my journey to see how the path was always leading me here. I just didn’t know it at the time. And to celebrate this incredible journey, and thank you all for your support along the way (because I definitely couldn’t do it without you!), I am throwing in a $75 print credit with every Embrace or Signature Session that is booked before the end of August! Just fill out this form to get started. FI Turns 4


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