Coupe Cake Smash | Huntsville Pet Photographer

Our goofy boy turned 1 earlier this week and I felt it was my dog-motherly duty (as well as pet photographerly) to do 1 year portraits and a Pup Cake Smash (or Coupe Cake Smash – get it?!).

I have to brag on Coupe for a minute. He’s been a little unsure of my studio light. The first time I sat him down amidst a backdrop and reflector and studio light, he charged the light, & immediately fled the scene. We’ve been working through that with LOTS of positive reinforcements and he has really made progress in overcome that fear response and is starting to associate the flash of the light and the click of my shutter as positive occurrences. During this session he was comfortable with the light, and would even put himself in place and wait patiently for me to be ready to take his picture. I think he’s going to make a great model!

We are now working on wearing hats/headbands – he was a little embarrassed by his party hat, even though I explained to him that this party hat was much more fun than the one the vet would give him.


I even baked and iced (more like peanut buttered) a half dozen Pupcakes for the occasion. And let me pause right here to say that I was quite skeptical about how the pupcakes would turn out, but I think they turned out great…and as you will see, Coupe agreed. No crumb left behind.


I told him I might need to do another shoot because this went by so quickly…I think he’s ok with it. Be sure to follow @frolicimages on Instagram and Facebook for outtakes and to see more photos from his session!


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