Meet the Photographer

I get it. Your pet is FAMILY. She kneads you awake every morning with her tiny kitty paws when its time for breakfast. He brings you a sopping wet tennis ball when you’ve been sitting at the computer for too long. At night, they like to snuggle up in your bed and now your California king feels like half of a twin mattress. That’s a powerful bond and it deserves to be preserved for years to come.

My name is Crystal. I am the founder of Frolic Images and your pet photographer. I am located in Huntsville, Alabama and still accept clients in the Dallas/Fort Worth area on a limited basis.

I think it goes without saying, but I love animals. I have since I could walk. I grew up with an assortment of them – dogs, rabbits, turtles and fish. And even worked at a veterinary clinic for 6 years cuddling puppies & kittens, and getting to know an assortment of dogs & cats, and their people.

I use a playful, relaxed style to capture your pet’s unique personality and create timeless products that will cherish for years to come. I am trained to see the most flattering light and background to compliment your portrait. I anticipate the in between moments where authentic emotions and personalities are revealed.

I believe in designing products that compliment your home and lifestyle so that you can fully enjoy your images and proudly share them with friends and family. Interested in working with me? Or just want to tell me how awesome your pets are? Drop me a line here. I look forward to meeting your family and capturing your story!


“Crystal is one of the sweetest and most creative people I know, she makes the session so much fun! She has done everything from photos of my fur babies, my senior photos, engagement photos and the latest session was my bridal portraits. She is amazing at what she does, you won’t be disappointed with her work! She captures moments that you can hold on to forever.” – Haley




Daily Dog Tag – see the session here.


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