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Model Call | Huntsville Pet Photographer

Do you have an awesome dog? Is he/she ready for the spotlight? I am currently seeking models to pose for images that will be used in a personal project as well as marketing and promotional materials for Frolic Images (this includes, but is not limited to, brochures, website, flyers and social media, etc). You and your pet will receive the Limited Edition Frolic Images portrait […]


Holiday Pet Portraits with Hatching Hope | Huntsville Pet Photographer

I believe strongly in using the gifts and passions I have been given to give back wherever I can. So, when Angie Ingram, an attorney in Birmingham that specializes in animal law and landlord-tenant law, contacted me about a statewide holiday portrait event for Hatching Hope of Alabama, I was honored and excited! She explained to me that Hatching Hope provides first night kits for […]


Coupe Cake Smash | Huntsville Pet Photographer

Our goofy boy turned 1 earlier this week and I felt it was my dog-motherly duty (as well as pet photographerly) to do 1 year portraits and a Pup Cake Smash (or Coupe Cake Smash – get it?!). I have to brag on Coupe for a minute. He’s been a little unsure of my studio light. The first time I sat him down amidst a […]


Happy St Patrick’s Day | Huntsville Pet Photographer

An impromptu mini session with Miss Hazel for St Patrick’s Day!


Mr Henry | Puppy Sessions | Pet Photographer

I think its pretty obvious, I just love puppies. (Who doesn’t?) Especially puppies like Mr Henry. He was the sweetest English Bull Dog puppy I have ever snuggled. And those wrinkles!!


Project 52 – Week 11 | Circles

Happy Friday Friends! Its been a beautiful week here in Texas. I think (and hope) that Spring is just around the corner! Since I missed out on the Project 52 challenge last week, I thought I would combine themes and make up for lost time. 🙂 Last week’s them was “action” and this week’s theme is “circles.” Of course my first thought was BUBBLES!!! Miss […]


Project 52 – Week 5 | A Day In The Life

This week, our challenge was to capture “A Day in the Life…” Its been quite frigid here, so Miss Hazel’s days aren’t too exciting…nevertheless, I still find myself a little jealous of her life! When the alarm goes off, she is eager to start the day…well, she’s eager to go potty and then eat breakfast. My husband and I leave the house hours apart, so […]


Project 52 – Week 3 | Shadows

This week’s theme of “Shadows” was a little more challenging to embrace than last week’s “joy” them. Typically, I find myself doing what I can to avoid shadows. They can be distracting and sometimes very unflattering, so I adjust my subject’s pose or adjust the lighting or change locations or stand on my head to create the most flattering portrait. On the other hand, if […]


Scooter & Snickers | Rockwall Pet Photographer

I love getting to do sessions at my client’s homes. Its an all around more relaxed feeling of just hanging out with friends. The pets are more relaxed in their familiar surroundings and in turn the owners are more relaxed. If your pet gets anxious in the car or is easily distracted in a new environment, then your home is the best choice for a […]


Camden & Asbury | Rockwall Pet Photographer

If you’ve ever met an English Bull Terrier in person you’ve probably noticed that they don’t exactly look like your typical dog. They’re famous for their egg-shaped head, that makes children and adults alike giggle and wonder how they got dogs to look like that. If you’re lucky enough to get to spend some time with one, you’ll get to experience their head-strong stubbornness (after […]