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Why I Bullet Journal | Huntsville Photographer

My name is Crystal and I have a paper obsession. All types – wrapping, post its, stationary, scrapbook, tissue – I love it all. Its so pretty, and I love the way it feels. Give me a good old fashioned book with pages I can turn. Not this super compact, light and easy to travel with kindle nonsense. Nevermind that the digital form might be […]

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Frolic Images Turns 4! | Huntsville Pet Photographer

Birthdays are one of those times when you stop and take a look back over the past year (or even back to where it all started), and reminisce about where you’ve been. I thought I’d bring you all along with me as I reminisce. The journey started well before I walked into the courthouse and filed the paperwork to make Frolic Images an official business. […]

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Will Run For Wine – A Trip To Wine Country | Traveling Photographer

My husband and I share a love for traveling. Its one of our favorite hobbies. We love exploring new places and soaking up the beauty of God’s creation. We especially love the West Coast. Our first time to see the Pacific Ocean together was in 2008 and we’ve been back several times since then, exploring the California coast and the Pacific Northwest. We also share […]


Seattle Vacation | Traveling Photographer

I recently had the opportunity to visit beautiful Seattle with my husband. This was my second time in Seattle, but my first time experiencing summer there. We spent a lot of time just soaking up the cooler temps and the beautiful scenery. These images are from our hike in Mount Rainier National Park. It was mostly overcast the day that we were there, and the […]


Arkansas Getaway | Rockwall Photographer

  My husband’s family has a tradition of an annual family vacation. His dad, aunts and uncles take turns picking the location each year. They’ve chosen places like Gulf Shores, AL and Gatlinburg, TN. This year they choose a little town tucked away in the Ozark Mountains called Norfork, Arkansas. We really enjoyed getting away from the city, unplugging from technology and just enjoying each […]


Italy | Rockwall Photographer

It has always been a dream of mine to visit Italy. In fact, there’s still a part of me dreaming of moving there. I think I could be very happy there. I love Italian food, Italian dessert, and certainly Italian wine! My husband surprised me with a trip to Italy in October 2013, and I could hardly contain my excitement leading up to the trip. […]


Are you a Spartan? | Rockwall Photographer

My husband and I are some of those really weird people that actually enjoy running. He’s a little weirder than me, because he likes to take it a step farther and do obstacles…in the mud. He’s done a few of these obstacle races, but his favorite is the Spartan Race series. I tag along to cheer him on, and of course, take photos. This was […]


Texas School 2014 | Rockwall Photographer

I just got back from a jam packed, entertaining and educational week at the Texas School of Professional Photography. I’ve been dreaming of attending this program since high school, when my teacher mentioned it during photography class. That was back in days when digital was just getting started, and we learned to develop our own film. Texas School, as it is affectionately called, is one […]

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